Are you looking for a special structure for your event? Palazzo Doria is what you were looking for!

A luxurious and refined wedding, a corporate dinner in a historic location, an aperitif on the terrace with its lush roof garden and overlooking the San Martino Monastery.

Palazzo Doria is the perfect place for any eventuality!

The Gallery of mirrors is the most representative room of the building with its 11 meters of height it is the ideal setting for a fairytale dinner. Designed by Luigi Vanvitelli with the express purpose of disorienting the guest thanks to the play of mirrors that reflect the vault frescoed by Fedele Fischetti and illuminated by large blown glass chandeliers, it overlooks the balcony with a monumental window over 7 meters high. 'honor.
All around candles and cups with hanging flowers, a table finely set with lace and crystals for an unforgettable dinner.
A series of side rooms with stuccoes, frescoes, ancient tapestries and precious silks to welcome and cheer guests.
The welcoming private chapel offers the opportunity to celebrate intimate symbolic rites to seal a union or to renew a pact of love.

Come and discover Palazzo Doria and make your dream of an unforgettable event come true!
Palazzo Doria Napoli Piazza VII Settembre, 28 - 80134 Napoli

Mobile +39 334 711 3790 from 7am till 9pm

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